Will I be charged by a firm if they find I have no PPI?

Will you be charged by a firm if they find you have no PPI? No you should have no charge 
for this. The majority of customers who have had PPI do not know if they have it. We 
always get clients to detail all firms they want us to look at whether they know if they have 
had PPI or not. If they don’t have PPI at least our client knows and more importantly there 
is no charge. So why would we do this, well we believe every customer has a right to 
enquire about whether PPI was applied and due to our experience we find that most who 
didn’t know if PPI was applied or not did have it.

There are various financial institutions that offer payment protection insurance policy to their particular debtors knowing that it’s not needed in the first place. The saddest part is; they have been performing such anomalous deal for countless years. You could say that this is as good as robbing someone else’s funds. That being said, you have to find out how much time you must claim your own PPI.

As long as the debtor still has the original copy of papers as well as payment records, most likely, they are able to claim it in just a maximum of twenty five years. The time limit that you have is also depending on the personal data that banks have saved, and not removed yet in their data files during the period of time. But we have the ability to efficiently get your claim whether or not you’ve got the original documents or perhaps not.

Although they’re useful, we do not need borrowers to provide an account number or the original papers in claiming. After 25 years, it’s possible that you already forgot where you put some papers including those for your bank card and financial loans. Moreover, it is also difficult that you still keep in mind your original loan policy number. The name of the loan company, and street address in the period the loan was agreed are rather important since this is precisely how most lenders can find your details. It doesn’t matter if you already lost the original paperwork because we are able to ensure you that with our assistance, you will be able to make a claim.

Within six years soon after the initial loan is finished is the length needed by the law for monetary establishments to hold documents of their borrowers’ information. Quite simply, the client’s details should only be held for a minimum of 6 years. Alternatively, many loan companies have still held their customer records for more than a decade. Also, approaches and time period of keeping records vary from one loan provider to a different one. Therefore, one company might permit you to claim a maximum of 25 years, and others might not. Well, these come in different ways depending on what the firm uses. Nevertheless, those who need to make a claim are required to complete the form which is found on this page.

If you think you’re among those who’ve been misled in getting PPI, then we’ll do our best to resolve this matter. As a result, our own services have made many individuals delighted in acquiring their claims. And it’s time for you to perform the same thing at the same time. Please complete the form offered in this web page with the important details, and we can discuss on exactly how we are able to provide our help.

For those who have any questions or you need clarifications, we’ve got a crew that’s ready to assist you with all your questions. First is we require a few details right from you including the lender’s name, the address you’ve used in completing the loan form, and what kind of policy you got. We’ll happily give our assistance in creating your own claim, and you no longer need to give us with any of the original documents.