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Can I have had PPI and Not known?

4c8804bc-d565-4164-9a5a-13a945a92376Many of our clients can have had PPI having not known. Many have sworn blind that they 
would never have had PPI which is why we say just check all of facilities regardless of how 
far back because you just don’t know and of course if we find nothing or can not obtain a 
refund then there is nothing to pay! The problem for clients was that most lenders including 
banks would add the insurance without you knowing just building it into the cost of your 
facility. Also the passage of time means paperwork is destroyed and so policies are missed 
or forgotten, so just get it checked out.

It’s a fact that borrowers were ripped off by financial institutions by allowing them pay for protection insurance policies for many years without being aware of it. There’s no question that you need to claim your own Payment protection insurance, but how much time have you got?

There should not be a certain time limit; this is when you have with you your payment records and also original files. We frequently find banks setting their time period limit to twenty five years, but they have the authority to established their very own time limit and it differs from one another. Furthermore, this will rely on exactly how long they’ve held your personal information. But you could have the full extent of your claim even without the original documents as well as records to back it up, and we can help you in fulfilling this effort.

An account number and the original copy of records are both useful in claiming, but they are not important for the procedure. This is why we don’t require borrowers to provide such in claiming. We know that it is somehow difficult for individuals to keep all of their credit cards or financial loan records for twenty five years. It is very unlikely that you still memorize your original loan policy number after many years. What exactly is most critical is your complete name, and also the home address during the time the loan was agreed as most loan providers could monitor your records that way. We’re able to claim on your behalf with no need of the original papers.

Once the first loan is done, the records should be kept by the banking institutions for six years as requested legally. The minimum number of years needed for any monetary or business in keeping the information of their customers on file is six years. There are a few loan providers who decided to keep the documents of deals from the 1990’s inside their archives. The methods and time period of record keeping that are employed by one loan company aren’t seriously similar in comparison to what other loan providers are utilizing. This is the primary reason why some companies have a smaller time frame while others provide their clients around 25 years to have a claim. If you’d want to have a claim, fill out the form on this page.

We’ll gladly give assistance to those who were mis-sold with Payment protection insurance. Therefore, our own services have made many individuals happy in getting their own claims. Hence, there’s no reason you can’t do the same thing too. Let us know on how we could be of service just by completing the form that we provided in this page.

If you choose to work together with us in making a claim, you don’t have to give us any original record relating to your dealings. All you need to do is provide us the info that we need in filing a claim. These include your name, what kind of policy you had, and what exactly was your street address during the time the loan was granted. To discover more information, approach our skillful employees on stand-by .


The firm I took PPI with has gone out of business can I still claim?

If the firm you took PPI with has gone out of business or bust you can still claim. A 
surprising number of lenders have gone out of business in recent years or have been taken 
over or not regulated in some way shape or form. This isn’t a problem when claiming back 
PPI, it just takes a bit of detective work which we are more than used to to find who is 
responsible from the compensation scheme to the underwriter of the original policy. Again 
we do the donkey work quite rightly as that is what we are here to do to track down the 
policy and make the complaint. 

There are lots of banking institutions that provide ppi policy to their own borrowers being aware of that it’s not even important in the first place. However, this treacherous act has been present for ages already. This façade is like stealing on a bigger scale. That being said, you must find out how much time you have to claim your PPI.

Well, to make things very clear, there shouldn’t be a certain time period limit when you have kept your original papers as well as transaction records. However, base on our own experience, twenty five years is the usual time period limit bank gives, although all banking companies have various cut-off dates. Additionally, the number of years they have kept your private information is also a consideration. Nevertheless, even if you don’t have original files to get back what you need to claim, we could still assist you figure it out.

Even when you can provide us your account number or original documents; still we can have your own claim without it. So as to help keep all credit cards or even loan papers in almost 25 years is in some way difficult, but a few individuals are good at it. Moreover, it’s also difficult for all people to remember just what their authentic loan policy number is. Usually, loan providers will demand information such as your name and address from the moment your loan was granted in order to find you. Significantly, you may still have your claim even if you lost or perhaps misplaced your original documents.

If you’d like us to effectively claim in your behalf, simply just fill the form provided in this site. Some loan providers will honor a claim that is made by a customer twenty five years after, but there are those who wouldn’t. Well, not all lending firms adhere to similar time limit in keeping the files of their own previous clients. Many have kept data dating back in the 1990’s while others are quick to get rid of files as long as they are legally permitted to do so. The law claims that the client’s records ought to be just kept by loaning firms for 6 years. However, this is just the minimum years they are required to store the files of their own clients.

We are here to extend a helping hand to individuals who need to make a claim. In order to do that, you should only need to complete the form in this page. If you are suspecting that you have been selling PPI incorrectly, then trust us as we are here to help. We could definitely help you in this situation. We have helped many people to successfully get back what they invested on these policies. This is the best time to return what exactly belongs to you.

You don’t need to offer us with any documents or even files. Simply give us the name of the loan provider, the day you had the loan, and also the policy you had. We also have a crew which is able to respond to any questions on the way we could assist you in making your claim.