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Can I Claim Back PPI If I Have Made a Claim

If you have claimed for PPI you can still apply for a refund of premiums and interest as the 
misspelling is not due to whether a claim could be made or not it is due to whether you 
were sold the policy in the correct way. If not we can look at recovering all of the premiums 
and interest for you. This would be minus and amount you had previously been paid out. In 
which case our fee would be based on the net figure which would be mius any payment you 
had received from a previous claim. So if the refund was to be £2000 and you previous 
claim was £1000, as the refund would be £1000 our fee would be based on this. 

By means of wrongly selling PPI, banks and other financial firms have long fooled their own unsuspecting customers. Is there a way to claim Payment protection insurance? Just how can it be done and what exactly is it’s period of time?

Essentially, there should be no time limit especially if you may show all your payment files and also authentic papers, but the majority of financial institutions will just provide you 25 years to make a claim. All financial institutions and also building societies will have different deadlines this will rely on precisely how long they keep your own information. We’re even so capable to help you make a claim even though you don’t have the authentic records.

Twenty five years is a long time for a lot of situations and also developments to occur. It’s likely that you lost your credit card and also loan records by that time. For more than twenty years, not all folks can possibly recall the exact details regarding their loan policy transactions. Your name and also address when you secured the loan will be noted by lending businesses; by which they normally use such details to simply locate your documents as well. But you don’t have to worry when you lost these papers for we can still aid you in filing a claim with or without the files. It’s much easier to make a claim when you secured your original data, nevertheless it’s not completely essential. It’s the key reason why we can pursue the claim in your behalf without needing minute details from the original records.

We have a form obtainable in this site for you to fill up if you’d like us to assist you in making a claim. A number of lenders will honor a claim that is made by a client twenty five years after, nevertheless there are those who wouldn’t. The real reason for this is that each loan provider has its own set of distinct protocols in keeping client’s information. A few documents are kept for many years as their initial transaction, but there are people who get rid of the details when they’ve accomplished their time limit. For legal reasons, lending businesses must keep any documents from your first transaction for 6 consecutive years. The initial 6 years is just the minimum, and companies are allowed to add much more years or remove the documents as they see fit.

If you believe you are one of the hundreds of people who have been mis-sold with Payment protection insurance policies, then we’ll do our best in helping you claim what’s yours. We’re very pleased to state that regarding creating a claim, you’ll find a lot of customers that we have assisted. To start with, you could fill the form presented on this page.

You don’t have to offer us with any documents or even files. The lender’s name, the date, along with the policy you were devoted to, are the information that we require to help you. We have a group that’s prepared to answer any questions on how we are able to help you make your own claim.