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Can I Claim Back PPI If I Have Made a Claim

If you have claimed for PPI you can still apply for a refund of premiums and interest as the 
misspelling is not due to whether a claim could be made or not it is due to whether you 
were sold the policy in the correct way. If not we can look at recovering all of the premiums 
and interest for you. This would be minus and amount you had previously been paid out. In 
which case our fee would be based on the net figure which would be mius any payment you 
had received from a previous claim. So if the refund was to be £2000 and you previous 
claim was £1000, as the refund would be £1000 our fee would be based on this. 

For countless years, banks have been deceiving their own clients into purchasing a payment protection insurance without considering their particular requirements. There is no doubt that you ought to claim your Payment protection insurance, but how much time have you got?

As a matter of fact, so long as you have kept your original papers as well as payment documents, then there shouldn’t be specific time period limit. We typically find banks setting their time limit to twenty five years, however they still have the legal right to established their very own time period limit and it is different from one another. It’s also based on any existing records that the financial institution has kept through the years. But you could have the full extent of your claim without original papers and records to support it, and we can assist you in fulfilling this effort.

We don’t call for an account number or authentic records if someone makes claims; though having them might be helpful. Organizing a 25-year loan or credit card documents could only be performed by a few individuals. And it’s quite difficult also to recall the authentic loan policy number. So as to show all your records, nearly all lenders will simply ask your name and also the address which you utilized the time the loan was granted. Drastically, you could still obtain your claim even though you lost or perhaps misplaced your own authentic files.

If you’d like us to efficiently claim in your behalf, simply just fill the form provided in this web page. Not all lenders will verify a claim that’s settled by a client twenty five years right after the first transaction. This is simply because the policies and techniques that lenders make use of in record keeping often vary from one another. A few records are kept for years since their first transaction, nevertheless there are people who get rid of the data whenever they’ve reached their time period limit. Any documents from your first mortgage should be kept by the loaning party for 6 years as ordered by the law. Nonetheless, this is just the minimum years they’re required to store the documents of their own clients.

If you feel you are one of the numerous people who have been mis-sold with PPI policies, then we’ll do our best in helping you claim what’s yours. Many people already made a claim efficiently by means of our own assistance, and we could do exactly the same thing for you. To begin with, you could fill the form provided on this page.

We have small group which will do their best in giving you the required information as to how we can help you in creating a claim. For us to help you, we must be aware of the name of the loan provider, your home address that you placed in the preliminary loan and the policy you agreed with. We won’t need you to show or offer us the first documents to be able to have this task completed on your behalf.