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Can I have had Payment Protection Insurance and Not known?

4c8804bc-d565-4164-9a5a-13a945a92376Many of our clients can have had PPI having not known. Many have sworn blind that they 
would never have had PPI which is why we say just check all of facilities regardless of how 
far back because you just don’t know and of course if we find nothing or can not obtain a 
refund then there is nothing to pay! The problem for clients was that most lenders including 
banks would add the insurance without you knowing just building it into the cost of your 
facility. Also the passage of time means paperwork is destroyed and so policies are missed 
or forgotten, so just get it checked out.

You’ll find those who don’t call for any assistance from payment protection insurance policies, but you will find banking institutions that still give the policy in spite of their standing. Sad to say, this treacherous work has been present for several years already. Indeed, this act is much like stealing. Therefore, it’s considered very important that you are aware of exactly how to claim your own Payment protection insurance.

Claims for Payment protection insurance are valid generally up to 25 years. Nonetheless, the time limit which is set by banks and building societies normally differs from each other. That would depend on exactly how long they will keep your own information. For novices, the time limit is unnecessary. You may have your own claim if you have the pertinent authentic papers with you. Conversely, don’t worry if you’ve lost your own files as well. Together with our support, you may effectively file claims to obtain what’s rightfully yours.

Even when you can give us your own account number or perhaps original documents; still we could obtain your own claim without it. Not all individuals can help keep all of their credit card or loan papers in a duration of 25 years. Also, it is also not possible for all individuals to keep in mind precisely what their original loan policy number is. The greater part of it is that most loan providers will only call for your own name and address the time the loan was granted to be able to retrieve all your documents. Considerably, you may still obtain your own claim even if you lost or misplaced your authentic documents.

Finance companies must only keep private data of their own borrowers for six years when the initial loan is completed according to the law. Six years is the necessary minimum duration for business enterprise and financial institutions to keep all their clients’ information. But, there are lots of loan providers who still have client’s data even since the year 1990’s. This means to say that, due to the varying techniques in keeping client’s data, a number of businesses allows a claim for twenty five years, and others would not. Nonetheless, those who need to file a claim are needed to fill out the form available on this site.

Misselling your PPI shouldn’t fret you mainly because we are here to provide you assistance. We were able to assist countless people with their claim; therefore, they are now savoring things that they should have. If you would like much more info on precisely how you could claim, please fill in the form on this page.

We’ve got a staff which is extremely committed to serve and support in case you have any inquiries. For us to assist you, we need to know the name of the loan company, your address that you put in the initial loan and the policy you agreed with. Even though you don’t possess the authentic paperwork, still, we are able to give you the claim you have been yearning for.


I have been told PPI cannot be claimed after 6 years, is this true?

If you have been told PPI cannot be claimed after 6 years or a certain lender cannot be 
looked into for whatever reason. Sadly whoever told you is just wrong. PPI policies can be 
checked as far back as you like. The only problem arises is that some firms have 
destroyed certain bits of paperwork, but because the lenders are all different even those 
that have said they have no records miraculously find the information when pushed. Our 
earliest success is for a facility in 1982 and even when submitting a complaint into the 
ombudsman we have been successful with a case from 1987. Regardless of age get the 
facility checked out we don’t charge if we don’t find and get back. 

It’s a proven fact that debtors were scammed by financial institutions by letting them pay money for protection insurance policies for several years without even knowing about it. But simply how long can back you claim PPI?

Essentially, there shouldn’t be any time period particularly if you could present all of your payment records and original papers, but most financial institutions will just give you 25 years to make a claim. Banks and lending companies could set their very own time period, that they based primarily on the length of time they keep the records of their own clients. We are nonetheless capable to help in making a claim even if you do not have the original documents.

Our clients are no longer needed to give us their original account number and paperwork simply because while having them is beneficial, it is still achievable to make a claim without these files. We know that not all people are able to keep financial loan or credit card files for a max of 25 years. It’s very unlikely that you still memorize your original loan policy number after a long period. The name of the loan company, and street address in the period the loan was agreed are rather essential since this is precisely how many lenders are able to find your information. Don’t fret when you lost your original documents simply because you could still claim through our help.

Law requires all banks which records must only be stored for six years once the initial loan is finished. Any lender or company is needed to keep their client’s details on file for at least six years. Unsurprisingly, some lenders have still been trying to keep private profiles as old as the 90s. If that’s the case, a claim for 25 years from a certain company won’t perhaps be done from another firm because of the different methods as well as time keeping of documents of lenders. Nonetheless, those who need to file a claim are necessary to fill in the form available on this page.

Have you been acquiring Payment protection insurance without even knowing it in the first place? When you said yes, then we can assist you. We already extended our services to numerous clients in getting back what’s theirs. It’s about time for you to take back precisely what you spent too. With this, kindly fill the form here so that we’ll find out precisely how we can help you.

For your questions as well as clarifications, our trustworthy team can present you the solutions. We just need the name of the loan provider, the address you put in to complete the loan form, and the policies that you’re entitled with. We’ll gladly present our help in creating your claim, and you no longer have to present us with any of the original files.