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I have been told PPI cannot be claimed after 6 years, is this true?

If you have been told PPI cannot be claimed after 6 years or a certain lender cannot be 
looked into for whatever reason. Sadly whoever told you is just wrong. PPI policies can be 
checked as far back as you like. The only problem arises is that some firms have 
destroyed certain bits of paperwork, but because the lenders are all different even those 
that have said they have no records miraculously find the information when pushed. Our 
earliest success is for a facility in 1982 and even when submitting a complaint into the 
ombudsman we have been successful with a case from 1987. Regardless of age get the 
facility checked out we don’t charge if we don’t find and get back. 

There are various banks offering payment protection insurance policy to their own debtors being aware of that it’s not even necessary at all. The most awful part is; they’ve been performing such anomalous deal for quite a while. This façade is a lot like robbing on a greater scale. That’s the reason why you ought to know how can you claim your own PPI.

Most certainly, to make things very clear, there shouldn’t be a specific time limit in case you have secured your original documents and also payment records. We frequently see banking companies setting their time period limit to 25 years, nevertheless they have the authority to set their own time limit and it is different from one another. Also, this will rely on how long they’ve held your personal data. Even now, even if you don’t have the original papers to claim back what you need to claim, we can still assist you figure it out.

An account number and the original copy of documents are helpful in claiming, however they are not really important for the process. This is why we do not require borrowers to provide such in making a claim. Few people will be organised enough to keep up to 25 years of loan or maybe bank card documents. The chances of you remembering the original loan policy number are also fairly remote. Most loan providers are able to find your details just by your own name and also address you have at the time the loan were agreed. Rest assured that we can assist you on your claim even in the absence of the original files.

It’s a prerequisite for the finance institutions to help keep the files for six years when the initial loan is done according to law. In other words, the client’s information must only be kept for no less than 6 years. Yet, you may still find other lenders who hold borrowers’ details for over 10 years. Furthermore, various procedures and length of time in holding files are used by various loan providers around. So, the claim for 25 years in one firm is not the same to other firms. Obviously, firms have various groups of rules. Conversely, just fill up the form that you could find here if you must have a claim.

We’re here to give some help to all people who have to make a claim. Check out the form provided here and be sure to fill it up as an initial step in making a claim. Being deceived into purchasing PPI policies is likely to be an unusual matter for many people to cope with. We can definitely help you in this situation. The truth is, there are many people who were able to make a claim successfully though our help. Are you ready to claim what you deserve to have?

Our small dedicated staff will help you with any inquiry you could have. You can make a claim through providing us the lender’s name, your home address when the loan was made, and also the policy you have. We won’t request you to provide the original files.



Will I be charged by a firm if they find I have no PPI?

Will you be charged by a firm if they find you have no PPI? No you should have no charge 
for this. The majority of customers who have had PPI do not know if they have it. We 
always get clients to detail all firms they want us to look at whether they know if they have 
had PPI or not. If they don’t have PPI at least our client knows and more importantly there 
is no charge. So why would we do this, well we believe every customer has a right to 
enquire about whether PPI was applied and due to our experience we find that most who 
didn’t know if PPI was applied or not did have it.

It’s an undeniable fact that debtors were scammed by banking institutions by permitting them pay money for protection insurance policies for quite a while without even knowing about it. There is no doubt that you have to claim your Payment protection insurance, but how much time have you got?

Usually, you can make claims about 25 years right after the arrangement was authorized as long as you have the original papers and also payment records with you. Preferably, no time limit must be made in the event the claimant could supply all the necessary records. The policies imposed by banking institutions and also lending companies on just how long they hold the files of their particular clients usually differ, which is also utilized as basis for the time limit which they fixed for the Payment protection insurance claims. We’re however able to help in making a claim even though you do not have the original paperwork.

With us, you don’t need to give the original papers or even account number whenever we make the claim. We still can perform the job of filing claims for you with no original copy of papers. Not all people can keep their loan documents and also transaction in the past 25 years. What is great is that most lenders can keep track of all your information merely by using your name as well as the address which you have the time the loan was agreed upon.

We’ve got a form accessible in this site to fill if you’d want us to help you in making a claim. After 25 years you’ve made the agreement, several lenders will not accept your claim. It’s mainly because record storage policies are different on each loan company. Legally, loaning firms can dump their past client’s data files if the necessary length is up; nevertheless, a few lenders are keeping data ever since time immemorial. Following the completion date of the initial loan, the financial institution is legally bound to keep the files for 6 years. Six years nevertheless is just the minimum time, and it can still be extended further according to the loaning company’s decision.

We can absolutely assist you in filing a claim. In order to do that, you just need to complete the form in this post. Like most people who were fooled into purchasing a Payment protection insurance, you may find this trouble rather confusing. We’re really eager to solve this issue on your behalf. The truth is, there are thousands of people who were able to make a claim properly though our help. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to get what’s yours after all.

We have a group which is extremely committed to serve and assist in case you have any questions. First is we need some details from you like the lender’s name, the address you’ve utilized in completing the loan form, and what sort of policy you got. We will not require you to show or give us the authentic papers as a way to get this task carried out on your behalf.




The firm I took PPI with has gone out of business can I still claim?

If the firm you took PPI with has gone out of business or bust you can still claim. A 
surprising number of lenders have gone out of business in recent years or have been taken 
over or not regulated in some way shape or form. This isn’t a problem when claiming back 
PPI, it just takes a bit of detective work which we are more than used to to find who is 
responsible from the compensation scheme to the underwriter of the original policy. Again 
we do the donkey work quite rightly as that is what we are here to do to track down the 
policy and make the complaint. 

We have found that many banks are deceiving their clients by marketing ppi that they don’t even require. Is there a chance that you could reclaim everything that you deserve right from PPI?

Claims can be available within 25 years. Nonetheless, not all financial institutions or loan companies can give you precisely the same time frame. That could count on how long they’ll hold your own information. The thing is, these deadlines shouldn’t be found at all. All you’ll need is your own authentic documents to make the claim. In case you have lost these documents, then that’s not a big problem. Leave the particular claim to us, for we know just what to conduct.

Even when you can offer us your own account number or original papers; still we can acquire your own claim without it. Not all men and women can hold all their credit card or loan documents in a span of 25 years. Additionally, it is also unattainable for all individuals to bear in mind precisely what their authentic loan policy number is. Usually, lenders will need particulars like your own name and also address from the time your own loan was granted in order to find you. Therefore, we could handle your case in making claims without presenting the authentic documentations to them.

In 6 years from the moment the first loan is granted is the duration that the law needs for banks to keep document of borrowers’ information. Six years is the required minimum period for business enterprise and banks to keep all their clients’ data. Yet, there are many banking institutions who still have client’s information even since the year 1990’s. Because of the fact that there are many different ways in keeping customers’ data, some firms permit a claim for 25 years unlike others. Even so, just fill out the form given on this site if you need to file a claim.

If you think you’re among those who have been misled in buying PPI, then we’ll do our very best to resolve this issue. A whole lot of our clients have already claimed the money that they spent on these policies. Therefore, there’s no explanation you can’t perform the same thing also. With this, kindly fill up the form here to ensure that we are going to find out how we could assist you.

Should you opt to obtain our services, do not forget that we no more require you to present the original files. We just need a handful of details in doing our task. These include your own name, what kind of policy you had, and what was your street address during the time the loan was given. To learn more details, approach our competent employees on stand-by .





Claim Back PPI from Lloyds TSB

When you talk about monetary services, finance institutions are the first thing that comes into your head. Among the banks that people go to once they have to get a loan, mortgage loan, or credit card is Lloyds TSB. Like most consumers who joined  in this kind of agreements with them during the last 25 years, it’s most likely that you already availed their PPI policy. Nevertheless, there are loan companies that include this in the credit agreements unknowingly to the borrower. Then again, other banking companies trick their clients to have this insurance policy even though it’s not really essential.


Customers buy payment protection insurance in order to payback any loan if any events occur that can cripple their financial capability, such as falling into illness, or untimely death. Surprisingly, it reached a point where distrustful banks and lending providers provide and sell PPI to borrowers who don’t need such policy anymore.

For countless years, banks are actually fooling their own customers into purchasing a payment protection insurance without thinking about their necessities. There’s no question that you have to claim your own PPI, but how much time have you got?

As long as the debtor has the original duplicate of papers and also payment records, probably, they could get it within a maximum of 25 years. Additionally, remember that it also depends as to how long banking companies as well as building societies have saved your significant information. But we have the ability to effectively have your claim whether or not you’ve got the original documents or not.

Providing us with your own original paperwork or even account number isn’t a prerequisite when you claim, nonetheless if you can provide them, it can be a great assistance. Not all men and women can help keep all their credit card or even loan documents in a period of 2 and a half decades. In addition, it is also not possible for all people to remember just what their original loan policy number is. Nonetheless, the loan providers can still find back your details when you have presented them the precise address and name you’ve provided to them throughout the loan was approved. Thus, we could surely help you in your own claim even if you don’t clearly show us the original paperwork.

It is required by law that soon after the end of the initial loan, records of the debtor needs to be kept by the financial institution for six years. Nevertheless, they’re not required to hold the records on file right after obligatory six-year record keeping. Other lenders still have records of their own clients dating back in the 1990’s. While it’s normal for lending companies to honor claims which are created soon after 25 years, some companies just provide a shorter time limit. This is because the methods and durations of record keeping frequently vary from one lender to the other. Make sure to complete the form in this page if you believe that submitting claims is required.

We could definitely assist you in filing a claim. Check out the form given on this page and make sure to fill out as an initial step in filing a claim. People who think that they’re one of the countless victims of being deceived in buying their PPI need to pay attention. We’re very willing to fix this problem on your behalf. We even boast to have helped hundreds of people in filing a claim; and it turned out to be successful. Are you willing to claim what you deserve to have?

We could assist you in making a claim without your own original paperwork. The lender’s name, the date, and the policy you were devoted to, are the information that we need to assist you. When you have any query or if you need any clarification concerning this issue, we have a staff on standby prepared to present you answers.




Can I Claim Back PPI If I Have Made a Claim

If you have claimed for PPI you can still apply for a refund of premiums and interest as the 
misspelling is not due to whether a claim could be made or not it is due to whether you 
were sold the policy in the correct way. If not we can look at recovering all of the premiums 
and interest for you. This would be minus and amount you had previously been paid out. In 
which case our fee would be based on the net figure which would be mius any payment you 
had received from a previous claim. So if the refund was to be £2000 and you previous 
claim was £1000, as the refund would be £1000 our fee would be based on this. 

By means of wrongly selling PPI, banks and other financial firms have long fooled their own unsuspecting customers. Is there a way to claim Payment protection insurance? Just how can it be done and what exactly is it’s period of time?

Essentially, there should be no time limit especially if you may show all your payment files and also authentic papers, but the majority of financial institutions will just provide you 25 years to make a claim. All financial institutions and also building societies will have different deadlines this will rely on precisely how long they keep your own information. We’re even so capable to help you make a claim even though you don’t have the authentic records.

Twenty five years is a long time for a lot of situations and also developments to occur. It’s likely that you lost your credit card and also loan records by that time. For more than twenty years, not all folks can possibly recall the exact details regarding their loan policy transactions. Your name and also address when you secured the loan will be noted by lending businesses; by which they normally use such details to simply locate your documents as well. But you don’t have to worry when you lost these papers for we can still aid you in filing a claim with or without the files. It’s much easier to make a claim when you secured your original data, nevertheless it’s not completely essential. It’s the key reason why we can pursue the claim in your behalf without needing minute details from the original records.

We have a form obtainable in this site for you to fill up if you’d like us to assist you in making a claim. A number of lenders will honor a claim that is made by a client twenty five years after, nevertheless there are those who wouldn’t. The real reason for this is that each loan provider has its own set of distinct protocols in keeping client’s information. A few documents are kept for many years as their initial transaction, but there are people who get rid of the details when they’ve accomplished their time limit. For legal reasons, lending businesses must keep any documents from your first transaction for 6 consecutive years. The initial 6 years is just the minimum, and companies are allowed to add much more years or remove the documents as they see fit.

If you believe you are one of the hundreds of people who have been mis-sold with Payment protection insurance policies, then we’ll do our best in helping you claim what’s yours. We’re very pleased to state that regarding creating a claim, you’ll find a lot of customers that we have assisted. To start with, you could fill the form presented on this page.

You don’t have to offer us with any documents or even files. The lender’s name, the date, along with the policy you were devoted to, are the information that we require to help you. We have a group that’s prepared to answer any questions on how we are able to help you make your own claim.




I am worried about using a PPI Claims Management company, should I be?

Are you worried about using a claims management company? Well yes you should some 
are rogues but most of those are being whittled out of the business. The important things to 
remember when looking into a company to use, is that you pay no upfront fees, that fees 
quoted include VAT, they are regulated with the Ministry of Justice, the business provides 
a landline number not some 08 nonsense and that they provide an address. It is always 
worth reading contracts thoroughly and ask questions if you have any, if contracts are too complicated avoid as they are only like this to cover something. So a few simple checks 
should give you the reassurance you need. 

Banking companies and other banking institutions have been involving their clients into fraudulent monetary transactions through the former’s wrongful practices of promoting ppi. How can you claim everything back from the Payment protection insurance policies? Just how can it be carried out and what is it’s period of time?

So long as the borrower has the original duplicate of documents and also payment records, most likely, they can get it in just a maximum of 25 years. In addition, keep in mind that it also depends as to how long banks as well as building societies have kept your essential details. But with us, we’ll be there to assist you in making a claim even an original work is not provided.

We don’t need you to have your original documents or even account number to give when claiming, it would be useful but it’s not required. We know that it’s somehow not possible for people to keep all of their credit cards or loan records for 25 years. It’s very unlikely that you still remember your original loan policy number after a number of years. To be able to retrieve your information, lenders will usually require your address at the time the loan was approved along with your own name. Rest assured that we could assist you on your claim even in without the original documents.

It is needed legally that soon after the completion of the first loan, records of the debtor must be kept by the lender for six years. Right after keeping the records for six years, the lender has the choice whether to throw away or carry on keeping the records of their particular clients. In fact, records which date back in 1990’s are still held by some lenders. The strategies and time period of record keeping that are employed by one lender are not definitely similar as compared to just what other lenders are using. This is the reason precisely why some firms have a shorter time limit while others offer their customers about 25 years to create a claim. If you’d prefer to have a claim, fill out the form on this page.

If you are baffled by whether you have been mis-sold Payment protection insurance we have been here to help you. We have established our name in aiding thousands of clients in getting back what is legally their possession. If you are thinking about claiming, then complete the form offered on this site to find out more information.

Furthermore, we are able to present your claim even if you don’t possess the supporting documents together with you. All you have to do is share to us the name of the lender or even lending company, time and date of the loan was completed and just what type of policy you’ve got. We’ve got a crew that is able to answer any questions on precisely how we are able to assist you in making your own claim.



I think I had PPI but don’t know, how do I check?

If you wonder ‘I think I had PPI but don’t know, how do I check?’ then you are like most of 
our clients who just don’t know.  Its not your fault that you don’t know, anyone with 
borrowing information should take care as to how long they keep it, so how were you to 
know you would need it because the bank was conning you. Most of our clients just let us 
know all of the facilities they had (not necessarily with paperwork or account numbers) and 
we contact them to find out. If there is none, you know and there is no fee. If there is then 
we look at getting this back for you. 

For countless years, banking institutions are already deceiving their clients into buying a payment protection insurance without thinking about their particular demands. So how much time do you need to claim your own Payment protection insurance?

You have 25 years a lot more or less to make your claim. Therefore, the time frame presented by banking institutions and also building societies differ from one another. In addition, this will depend on precisely how long they’ve kept your details. Essentially, there shouldn’t be any time period. You can acquire your claim so long as you possess the important original documents with you. There’s no need to worry though in case you lost the first papers. Leave this claim to us, for we know precisely what to carry out.

We don’t need you to have your original paperwork or account number to hand when making a claim, it will be useful but it is not essential. We all know that it is somehow impossible for people to keep all their credit cards or financial loan records for up to 25 years. The odds of you actually remembering the original loan policy number can also be pretty remote. In order to retrieve your information, loan providers will commonly require your address at the time the loan was approved in addition to your complete name. Don’t fret when you lost your original paperwork as you can still claim by way of our help.

The law states that banking institutions must only keep the records for 6 years after the completion date of the first loan. Certainly, at the least 6 years is the duration when all clients’ records are kept. Alternatively, numerous loan providers have still kept their customer files for over a decade. In addition, loan providers have various strategies and also duration in keeping the records. This means to say that a few firms allow claims for 25 years; there’s also a big possibility that other establishments won’t. Yes, you may still find differences based on the firm itself. Alternatively, just complete the form that you can locate on this page if you have to have a claim.

If you’ve been getting Payment protection insurance without even noticing it, then leave what’s left to us. A lot of our customers have already claimed the money that they spent on these policies. So, there’s no excuse you can’t do the same at the same time. Kindly fill the form presented in this web page with the important details, and we could discuss on exactly how we are able to present our support.

You don’t need to present us with any documents or even records. Just present us the name of the lender, the time you had the loan, and also the policy you had. In case you have any query or if you require any explanation with regards to this matter, we’ve got a staff on standby ready to provide you answers.




How To Claim PPI

What is PPi?

claimppiPPI or Payment Protection Insurance is a protection cover that has been until recently sold by lenders to cover borrowing taking by consumers and in some cases small businesses. The facilities that it covers are wide ranging as it would have been applied to all types of loan: from personal loans through car finance, HP to Mortgages or loans secured on a consumers property. The premiums for these larger facilities were in the most part taken upfront and added to the borrowing where you guessed it further interest would have accrued. In some cases the PPI would have been taken monthly.

The other facilities PPI would have been applied to were those where a fixed initial sum was not taken but instead a facility to borrow up to was made available by way of a credit limit. Credit Cards and store cards made up most of these facilities where almost all premiums were added monthly.


How Many People Were Sold PPI?

This is a difficult figure to pin point as the number of people is largely irrelevant. The reason for this is that a single person could have PPI applied to all of their borrowing facilities so they could have easily 5 or 6 policies on their various accounts over time. On many occasions this figure is well into double figures when all the loans, credit cards etc are taken into account. As an example we had a client with 52 individual policies so this gives some idea of the scale of the misselling.

However, most industry specialists believe there are in excess of 20 million individuals who have been missold PPI since 2001 with this number then multiplied by an average of policies per person so a figure of over 50 million missold policies is certainly a conservative guestimate. This doesn’t take into account people and policies missold before 2001.

One figure we do know and that is at least 3 to 6 million people and their raft of policies still remain untouched from 2001 and there ready to be redressed.


howdoiclimabackmyppiHow Much Money are we talking about?

PPI refunds can vary dramatically. Ultimately the amount of refund depends on the amount you have paid for a policy. This figure is then taken and interest is added to the present day from the start of the premium and final compensation interest is then also added. Because the lenders pay interest at the prevailing account interest rate the refunds if a number of years old can increase in size dramatically.

This is particularly true of credit cards where as an example a client paid approximately £3000 from 2003 on their card but the interest increased the refund to over £18000. However, some clients have only paid a few pounds in premiums so a refund can run into only a couple of hundred. We would all like to see a huge refund, who wouldn’t but what is most important is the refund. Whether a few hundred pounds or 10’s of thousands, that money is better in your pocket than the banks or lenders. The largest single refund to date was over £45,000 and the largest refunds to one client over all of their facilities was over £100,000!


How do I know if I have had PPI?

To be honest not many people do that is why PPI was missold it was very cloak and dagger. Most of the premiums were added without people knowing. For me it does not matter whether you know you have had PPI or not. The most important thing is to check out all of your borrowing facilities regardless of whether you have details or how far back it is. We do this for all of our clients and on occasions all of their facilities come back as having no PPI. For this they pay nothing but at least they know. So they can ignore those stupid texts or calls about making claims.

However, I did say on occasions as the vast majority of our clients have some PPI applied even if they swear blind that none was on facilities.


How Far back Can I Claim?

Most banks would have you believe as would so called experts that you can only claim up to 6 years. Absolute rubbish, It does not matter who the lender is, whether they are still in business or when the facility was taken we can look into the complaint and obtain a refund if PPI was applied and missold.

Yes the further back the borrowing the more difficult or time consuming the complaint will take, don’t forget that we work for nothing unless we can secure a refund so my saying let us check it must mean that we do succeed. Yes not on every occasion but on the majority we are successful at establishing if there is PPI and if there is in obtaining a refund.

Our oldest successful claim was 1982 and our oldest claim we have been successful in pursuing through the ombudsman was 1988. These are just examples and the 80’s refunds are few but it gives you an example that it is worth just us looking.


What If I have No Paperwork?

Who has paperwork for facilities that were closed a few years ago, practically no one. The reason is most people keep paperwork to refer to when the facility is open, when it is closed off it goes to the waste basket in the sky. Why would anyone keep paperwork in case some years later it is found that the lender missold a product on it!

The vast majority of our clients do not have paperwork or account numbers, don’t get me wrong if you do great. If you don’t we can find out the information we need from your name and address. All we need to get the ball rolling is the name of the lenders you would like us to look into and the address or addresses they may have on record for you at that time.