I have been told PPI cannot be claimed after 6 years, is this true?

If you have been told PPI cannot be claimed after 6 years or a certain lender cannot be 
looked into for whatever reason. Sadly whoever told you is just wrong. PPI policies can be 
checked as far back as you like. The only problem arises is that some firms have 
destroyed certain bits of paperwork, but because the lenders are all different even those 
that have said they have no records miraculously find the information when pushed. Our 
earliest success is for a facility in 1982 and even when submitting a complaint into the 
ombudsman we have been successful with a case from 1987. Regardless of age get the 
facility checked out we don’t charge if we don’t find and get back. 

Through mistakenly selling payment protection insurance, banks and also other monetary companies have long fooled their unsuspecting customers. How could you get everything back from the PPI policies? How can it be done and what is it’s period of time?

Well, to make things very clear, there shouldn’t be a particular time limit when you have secured your original files and also payment documents. Nonetheless, base on our own experience, twenty five years is the usual time limit bank provides, although all banking companies have got different time limits. In addition, you must bear in mind that the duration in which they keep your personal data is a factor. Well, we assure you that we can lend you a hand in claiming what’s truly yours even in the absence of the original documents.

Although they are beneficial, we do not need borrowers to provide an account number or the original documents in claiming. Few people would be organized enough to keep up to twenty five years of financial loan or even credit card documents. Moreover, it is also difficult that you still recall your original loan policy number. In order to retrieve your details, loan providers would normally require your address at that time the loan was accredited in addition to your complete name. Rest assured that we can assist you on your claim even in the absence of the original papers.

If you’d like to get our assistance in making a claim , simply fill in the form on this site. After 25 years you’ve made the agreement, some loan providers won’t take your claim. This is because the policies and techniques that loan providers make use of in record keeping frequently differ from one another. A few data are kept for decades since their initial transaction, nevertheless there are people who get rid of the details when they’ve accomplished their time limit. Law states that the client’s data should be just kept by lending businesses for six years. Nonetheless, this is only the minimum number of years they are necessary to keep the documents of their customers.

We are here to extend some help to those who have to make a claim. To do that, you should only have to complete the form in this page. Being misled into purchasing Payment protection insurance policies is likely to be an unusual matter for some people to manage. We can definitely help you in this situation. In fact, there are many people who were able to make a claim successfully though our assistance. Now, it’s time to have the money that’s rightfully yours.

For all your queries and also clarifications, our reputable crew can give you the answers. In order for us to assist you, we have to know the name of the loan company, your address that you placed in the first loan and also the policy you agreed with. Even if you don’t hold the authentic papers, still, we could provide you the claim you have been yearning for.