I am worried about using a PPI Claims Management company, should I be?

Are you worried about using a claims management company? Well yes you should some 
are rogues but most of those are being whittled out of the business. The important things to 
remember when looking into a company to use, is that you pay no upfront fees, that fees 
quoted include VAT, they are regulated with the Ministry of Justice, the business provides 
a landline number not some 08 nonsense and that they provide an address. It is always 
worth reading contracts thoroughly and ask questions if you have any, if contracts are too complicated avoid as they are only like this to cover something. So a few simple checks 
should give you the reassurance you need. 

By means of incorrectly selling payment protection insurance, banking institutions and also other monetary businesses have long fooled their unsuspecting customers. Is there any ways of claiming Payment protection insurance? If so, what precisely are the underlying processes?

Well, to make things very clear, there shouldn’t be a certain time limit in case you have secured your original papers and payment documents. We typically find banking institutions setting their time period limit to 25 years, however they have the legal right to set their very own time limit and it differs from each other. Furthermore, this will rely on exactly how long they have held your personal information. But you could have the full extent of your claim even without the original papers as well as records to support it, and we can assist you in fulfilling this endeavor.

Our own clientele are not required to provide us their original account number and documents because whilst having them is beneficial, it’s still feasible to claim without these documents. We know that not all people are able to keep financial loan or credit card files for a max of 25 years. It’s very unlikely that you still memorize your original loan policy number after a few years. What exactly is most crucial is your complete name, and also the address at the time the loan was agreed because most lenders can track your documents that way. It doesn’t matter when you lost the original documents because we can guarantee you that with our assistance, you’ll be able to claim.

The regulation demands the finance institutions to keep the records for six years after the date when the first loan was finished. This six year is the minimum number of years that any financial institution or business should keep clients information on file. Some other lenders still have records of their clients dating back in the 1990’s. While some companies give their borrowers 25 years to create a, there are those who give a shorter time limit, and this is mainly because the methods and also durations of documentation that lenders are implementing differ from each other. There’s a form on this page that one could fill in if you are planning to create a claim.

If you are puzzled by whether you have been mis-sold PPI we are here to help. We were able to assist lots of people with their own claim; thus, they’re now relishing things that they should have. Fill in the form on this page if you’d prefer to find out more regarding how you can get started in claiming.

We have small team which will do their very best in offering you the necessary information as to exactly how we can help you in making a claim. For us to help you, we should be aware of the name of the lender, your address that you put in the first loan and the policy you agreed with. We will not need you to show or offer us the original papers so as to get this job executed on your behalf.