How To Claim PPI

What is PPi?

claimppiPPI or Payment Protection Insurance is a protection cover that has been until recently sold by lenders to cover borrowing taking by consumers and in some cases small businesses. The facilities that it covers are wide ranging as it would have been applied to all types of loan: from personal loans through car finance, HP to Mortgages or loans secured on a consumers property. The premiums for these larger facilities were in the most part taken upfront and added to the borrowing where you guessed it further interest would have accrued. In some cases the PPI would have been taken monthly.

The other facilities PPI would have been applied to were those where a fixed initial sum was not taken but instead a facility to borrow up to was made available by way of a credit limit. Credit Cards and store cards made up most of these facilities where almost all premiums were added monthly.


How Many People Were Sold PPI?

This is a difficult figure to pin point as the number of people is largely irrelevant. The reason for this is that a single person could have PPI applied to all of their borrowing facilities so they could have easily 5 or 6 policies on their various accounts over time. On many occasions this figure is well into double figures when all the loans, credit cards etc are taken into account. As an example we had a client with 52 individual policies so this gives some idea of the scale of the misselling.

However, most industry specialists believe there are in excess of 20 million individuals who have been missold PPI since 2001 with this number then multiplied by an average of policies per person so a figure of over 50 million missold policies is certainly a conservative guestimate. This doesn’t take into account people and policies missold before 2001.

One figure we do know and that is at least 3 to 6 million people and their raft of policies still remain untouched from 2001 and there ready to be redressed.


howdoiclimabackmyppiHow Much Money are we talking about?

PPI refunds can vary dramatically. Ultimately the amount of refund depends on the amount you have paid for a policy. This figure is then taken and interest is added to the present day from the start of the premium and final compensation interest is then also added. Because the lenders pay interest at the prevailing account interest rate the refunds if a number of years old can increase in size dramatically.

This is particularly true of credit cards where as an example a client paid approximately £3000 from 2003 on their card but the interest increased the refund to over £18000. However, some clients have only paid a few pounds in premiums so a refund can run into only a couple of hundred. We would all like to see a huge refund, who wouldn’t but what is most important is the refund. Whether a few hundred pounds or 10’s of thousands, that money is better in your pocket than the banks or lenders. The largest single refund to date was over £45,000 and the largest refunds to one client over all of their facilities was over £100,000!


How do I know if I have had PPI?

To be honest not many people do that is why PPI was missold it was very cloak and dagger. Most of the premiums were added without people knowing. For me it does not matter whether you know you have had PPI or not. The most important thing is to check out all of your borrowing facilities regardless of whether you have details or how far back it is. We do this for all of our clients and on occasions all of their facilities come back as having no PPI. For this they pay nothing but at least they know. So they can ignore those stupid texts or calls about making claims.

However, I did say on occasions as the vast majority of our clients have some PPI applied even if they swear blind that none was on facilities.


How Far back Can I Claim?

Most banks would have you believe as would so called experts that you can only claim up to 6 years. Absolute rubbish, It does not matter who the lender is, whether they are still in business or when the facility was taken we can look into the complaint and obtain a refund if PPI was applied and missold.

Yes the further back the borrowing the more difficult or time consuming the complaint will take, don’t forget that we work for nothing unless we can secure a refund so my saying let us check it must mean that we do succeed. Yes not on every occasion but on the majority we are successful at establishing if there is PPI and if there is in obtaining a refund.

Our oldest successful claim was 1982 and our oldest claim we have been successful in pursuing through the ombudsman was 1988. These are just examples and the 80’s refunds are few but it gives you an example that it is worth just us looking.


What If I have No Paperwork?

Who has paperwork for facilities that were closed a few years ago, practically no one. The reason is most people keep paperwork to refer to when the facility is open, when it is closed off it goes to the waste basket in the sky. Why would anyone keep paperwork in case some years later it is found that the lender missold a product on it!

The vast majority of our clients do not have paperwork or account numbers, don’t get me wrong if you do great. If you don’t we can find out the information we need from your name and address. All we need to get the ball rolling is the name of the lenders you would like us to look into and the address or addresses they may have on record for you at that time.

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