Claim Back PPI from Lloyds TSB

When you have had a loan, credit card or even mortgage with Lloyds TSB agreement in the last Twenty five years is likely that you’ve been paying into a ppi policy. It’s a common circumstance that a lot of loan companies and banks sell these policies or otherwise include them in credit agreements without making the borrowers aware of such.


Essentially, ppi is in place to offer support, such as repaying loan payments, in times when the debtor becomes sick, meets an accident, or loses his career. Surprisingly, it reached a point where doubtful banks and lending companies offer and sell PPI to debtors who don’t need such policy anymore.

It’s an undeniable fact that debtors were cheated by banking institutions by enabling them pay money for protection insurance policies for a few years without being aware of it. Is there a chance that one could reclaim all that you should have from PPI?

Individuals are commonly granted 25 years to create a claim, but essentially, tthere shouldn’t be time frame in case you can clearly show the financial institution your payment records and also original papers. The policies imposed by banking institutions as well as lending companies on just how long they keep the records of their own customers frequently vary, which is also utilized as basis for the time frame which they set for the PPI claims. But even with the absence of your original supporting files, you may still make a claim with our assistance.

Although they’re beneficial, we do not need borrowers to present an account number or the original papers in making a claim. We all know that it is somehow impossible for people to keep all of their credit cards or loan records for about 25 years. It is very unlikely that you still memorize your original loan policy number after a number of years. Almost all loan providers are able to find your details simply by your name and also street address you had at the time the loan were agreed. We are able to claim on your behalf with no need of the original documents.

It is needed legally that after the completion of the preliminary loan, records of the debtor should be kept by the financial institution for six years. The minimum period of time necessary for any financial or even business in keeping the details of their customers on file is six years. Other loan providers still have records of their own customers going back in the 1990’s. Even though it is common for lending firms to honor claims that are made after 25 years, a number of companies merely provide a shorter time frame. This is because the techniques as well as periods of time of documentation commonly vary from a single loan provider to another. Be sure to fill out the form in this page if you think that submitting claims is needed.

We can give you some relevant information regarding filing a claim. To do that, you should only need to complete the form in this page. Like many people who were fooled into buying a PPI, you may find this trouble rather confusing. We are here to help if you’re contemplating to make a claim. We’ve helped many people to successfully get back what they spent on these policies. Now, it is your time to have the money that’s rightfully yours.

We can help you in making a claim without your own original papers. Just give us the name of the loan company, the day you had the loan, and the policy you had. In case you have any query or if you require any clarification with regards to this matter, we have a group on standby willing to give you answers.