Claim Back PPI from Lloyds TSB

Payment protection insurance policies are used by a lot of customers in debit card loans or even mortgages with Lloyds TSB agreements for the last 25 years. It is a normal situation that many loan providers and banks sell these policies or otherwise include them in credit agreements without making the borrowers aware of such.


Some individuals who might never require this kind of policy, obtain offers from banks and firms to purchase their own Payment Protection Policy (PPI). For individuals who are a novice to lending, take into account that payment protection policies are the same as payment assistance in cases you get sick, lose work, or even meet an incident.

The payment protection insurance has been sold by banking institutions even to those clients that don’t want it. It’s saddening to find out that many clients have fall victims in this tricky agreement for quite some time. You can say that this is as good as stealing somebody else’s money. With that in mind, you need to learn how much time you should claim your Payment protection insurance.

There’s no certain time limit given when you can show a complete original documentation and records of payments, however debtors are given 25 years tops. Additionally, bear in mind that it also depends about how long banking companies and building societies have kept your significant information. Even lacking with your original files, opt for us as we are able to definitely help you out with your claim.

There are plenty of things that might happen in 25 years. Given that number of years, it’s not a surprise anymore that you can’t remember exactly where your own files are positioned. Not everyone can recall all the details of their original transactions after two decades or maybe more. Most likely, the lenders could search up your own document with the complete name and home address you’ve used throughout the time you’ve made the transaction with them. The great news is; we are able to help in making a claim even though you don’t have original paperwork along with you. Although the papers are important in claiming, it’s not a big deal. Therefore, you don’t need to worry yourself recalling the original account number also.

Just complete the form you see on this page for it will help you file your own claim. You may find that a few loaning businesses won’t honor your own request for a claim after 25 years. It’s mainly because record storage policies are different on each loan company. A few documents are kept for many years because their first financial transaction, but there are those who reduce information when they’ve accomplished their time limit. After the completion date of the initial loan, the loan provider is legally bound to keep the files for 6 years. Nonetheless, the 6 years period may even take more time because businesses have the rights to do so according to the situation.

We’re here to extend a helping hand to all those who need to make a claim. Kindly fill up the form in this page for this job to be done. If you’re suspecting that you’ve been selling PPI mistakenly, then rely on us once we are here to help. We’re really willing to fix this issue on your behalf. We’ve helped numerous people to successfully get back what exactly they invested on these policies. This is the ideal moment to return what exactly belongs to you.

Whatever your inquiries and issues could be, our competent staff could be able to address them. To make a claim, all we need is the name of the lender, your home address at the time of taking out a loan , and what type of policy you had. We don’t require the original paperwork.