Can I Claim Back PPI If I Have Made a Claim

If you have claimed for PPI you can still apply for a refund of premiums and interest as the 
misspelling is not due to whether a claim could be made or not it is due to whether you 
were sold the policy in the correct way. If not we can look at recovering all of the premiums 
and interest for you. This would be minus and amount you had previously been paid out. In 
which case our fee would be based on the net figure which would be mius any payment you 
had received from a previous claim. So if the refund was to be £2000 and you previous 
claim was £1000, as the refund would be £1000 our fee would be based on this. 

We discovered that there are many banks and lending companies that are fraudulent in a manner that they involve PPI in the credit policy. It’s somehow grim to realize that this has been happening for years. However, you’ve got the right to claim PPI based on how long you’ve been shelling out the financial institution for such policy.

So long as the debtor still has the original copy of files as well as payment records, most likely, they can claim it within a maximum of twenty five years. The time limit that you have is based on the private information which banks have saved, and not removed yet in their data files during the period of time. Even now, even without the original documents, we surely can still assist you in obtaining what exactly you deserve.

Nobody can simply keep an eye on almost everything over the course of twenty five years. A time that long is more than enough for your papers and records to be lost. For over 2 decades, not all individuals can possibly remember the precise information concerning their loan policy transactions. Besides your own name, lenders will often include the home address you given during the time the loan was agreed as one of the basis in finding your details. The great news is; we can help you make a claim even if you don’t have the original documents with you. It’s real that it’s quicker to have results if you’ve got the supporting files, but they are not essential for filing claims. That is why specific numerical information as well as other documents are not needed.

It is needed by law that after the end of the preliminary loan, records of the borrower ought to be held by the financial institution for six years. The minimum number of years required for any financial or business in keeping the details of their customers on file is six years. In many instances lenders will have files going back well into the 1990’s. While some companies provide their borrowers 25 years to have a claim, you’ll find people who provide a shorter time limit, and this is simply because the strategies and durations of record keeping which lenders are imposing differ from one another. There’s a form on this page that you can fill out if you are planning to create a claim.

We’re here to give some help to all those who have to file a claim. To get going, fill in the form on this site. If you are suspecting that you’ve been selling PPI mistakenly, then trust us because we are here to aid. Well, we can give you the assistance that you’ll need in this thing. In fact, we are proud that we were able to help many people in their own claim. Now, it is your time to get the money that is rightfully yours.

Remember that you no longer need to present the original paperwork should you opt to get our professional services. All that we require are some valuable information in order to make a claim. These include your name, what type of policy you had, and what exactly was your address throughout the time the loan was granted. To know more on how we can give our help, we’ve got a group on standby and willing to answer any of your inquiries.