Can I have had PPI and Not known?

4c8804bc-d565-4164-9a5a-13a945a92376Many of our clients can have had PPI having not known. Many have sworn blind that they 
would never have had PPI which is why we say just check all of facilities regardless of how 
far back because you just don’t know and of course if we find nothing or can not obtain a 
refund then there is nothing to pay! The problem for clients was that most lenders including 
banks would add the insurance without you knowing just building it into the cost of your 
facility. Also the passage of time means paperwork is destroyed and so policies are missed 
or forgotten, so just get it checked out.

It is now clear to us that lots of borrowers are cheated by financial institutions in which payment protection insurance policies are secretly added to their first contract. And what’s even worse is that this has been occurring for several years. Even now, how could you get back your PPI claim considering the years you’ve been deceived by the bank authority.

Usually, they will present you approximately 25 years to create a claim. Nonetheless, the time limit which is placed by financial institutions as well as building societies regularly varies from each other. Futhermore, it also counts on just how long they’ve been holding your information. The truth is, these deadlines shouldn’t exist in the first place. So long as you have all of the records of payments and some other original files, you need to be capable of making a claim once you deemed necessary. Alternatively, don’t fret if you’ve lost your files also. You could still have your claim if you trust in the services we give.

In case you seriously need to file claims but you don’t have with you your original paperwork or account number, then leave all to us. Just anticipate that you can have your claim in spite of that your original documents are already gone. Usually, many individuals will truly about forgot the original loan policy number, or even hold all of the loan or perhaps credit card documents they have in the past 25 years. The good part of it is that only by inquiring your name and also the address that you utilized the time the loan was arranged, most lenders can already get all your information.

If you would like to get our help in making a claim , simply just fill in the form on this page. You may find that some loaning businesses won’t honor your own request for a claim after 25 years. It’s mainly because record storage policies are varied on each lending company. A few files are kept for years because their initial financial transaction, however there are those who reduce details when they’ve reached their time limit. Any records from your first mortgage must be kept by the loaning party for six years as ordered by the law. The first 6 years is only the minimum, and firms are allowed to add more years or take away the files as they see fit.

We could talk about how we could be of assistance in filing a claim. Kindly fill up the form in this page for this work to be done. Those who think that they are one of the countless victims of being tricked in purchasing their PPI should give consideration. Well, we could provide you the help that you will need in this matter. In fact, we’re very proud that we were able to assist lots of people in their claim. Now, it is your time to have the money that is rightfully yours.

If you decide to work together with us in making a claim, you don’t need to give us any original record relating to your dealings. All that you should do is offer us the data that we need in making a claim. That would involve your name, the type of policy that you had, as well as your address during the time when you got a loan. For further queries, you can ask our friendly as well as knowledgeable employees.